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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring Cleaning


A woman and little girl high-five each other as they finish up cleaning the hardwood floor of their home for the spring season.

We may be barely nearing the end of January, but the spring season is bound to make its way faster than you can imagine! With a new season soon to be in full bloom, homeowners should take it upon themselves to make a few preparations to keep their homes organized and sparkling clean. By practicing a few helpful housekeeping tips ahead of time, you and your home will be more than ready to open the windows and embrace the spring air!

Create a List of Tasks and Supplies

As you ponder on how to go about preparing your home for spring cleaning, your priorities will dictate what furniture or home essentials will be moved where, what kind and how many cleaning supplies you will need to purchase, and what you should tackle first. By organizing out your cleaning obligations, it can help tasks become more manageable and you can determine an optimal pace for you to work at.

Make Your Cleaning Tasks Enjoyable

Work and projects tend to be easier, much more effective, and will go by faster if you get yourself to look forward to it! Once you have comprised your list of cleaning tasks and supplies, you can come up with ways to enhance your cleaning endeavors. You can throw in some music, have a series or movie playing on your tv, or even listen to some comedy or podcasts to keep you entertained as you work to clean every corner and edge of your home. Most importantly, focus on how wonderful it will feel to transition into the spring season with a fresh, clean, welcoming home. You don’t have to knock out all of your spring cleaning in one day, much less do we expect you to! Set aside some days on your calendar to mark when you are available to clean and commit to keeping up with those dates.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

In the days leading up to your seasonal clean, it is advised to make little steps toward decluttering. If there are any clothes you don’t wear anymore, you can set these articles aside to be given away or sold. If you have children, it’s likely that they have toys that they’ve outgrown or simply don’t play with anymore. You can also set old toys aside with clothes to be given away. Take out all of the recycling, fold and put away all of your clothes neatly, get rid of old food from the refrigerator and pantry, and so on! This is one of the simplest ways to get your home ready for the spring.

Clean Out Your Furniture

Cleaning your furniture includes your sofas, beds, chairs, cabinets, refrigerators, tables, and any other large pieces within your home’s rooms. Whether they need to be dusted, steam-cleaned, or wiped down, this is to be done before you vacuum or mop, so that all and any dirt or residue will be picked up. Don’t forget to clean underneath and around the coils, where dust and grime can have an impact on your appliances’ efficiency.

Wipe Down Your Walls

A winter of being closed in will likely mean that your walls have accumulated more grime and dust than you might anticipate, especially regarding their distance to and from air vents and doorways. As long as your paint can handle a washing, you can use a sponge mop to take care of the dirtiest work. It is vital that you also clean edges and corners very meticulously as this where dust most often accumulates. You can dry your walls by going over them with a soft, clean cloth. If you aren’t sure whether your paint can withstand washing, you can spot test it somewhere out of sight.

Deep Clean Your Carpets and Upholstery

Whether you have pets, attract a lot of dust—or not— it is still advised to wash your carpets and upholstery, especially if it hasn’t been done in a while. Your home’s fabrics may not be showing any signs of grime yet, but over time it will set in and stain. When you use a carpet cleaner, you will be taken back at just how dirty the water becomes. Additionally, a small upholstery cleaner can be rented for a decent price and will do wonders for your sofas and seats. Be sure to arrange your schedule to leave enough time for your furniture to dry once you have them steam cleaned.

Lastly, Vacuum and Mop!

To finalize your spring cleaning, vigorously sweep any and all tile and flooring in your home, vacuum, and mop! By this point, your house will be clean from bottom to top!

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