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How to Pick the Perfect Chest of Drawers For Your Room

Vintage chest of drawers in classic style with mirror.

A chest of drawers is the essential piece of furniture for storing your clothes, personal belongings, and for adding character to your room overall! The top of the chest is usually used for displaying pictures and jewelry, whereas the drawers are intended to help you organize articles of clothing. Although, everyone’s homes vary in style, especially the bedrooms, so we get it can be quite the task to pick a chest to match the theme you’re going for. There are many things to consider when you’re in search of a chest, so we’ve provided the most important characteristics to look for in your furniture shopping!


Whether you want or need a small or large chest depends on how much you have to store and have much space you can work with. If your room is on the smaller end of open space, you will want to go with a tall, slim chest that won’t stick out too far and will line up accordingly to your wall. A lower and wider chest of drawers is a more feasible option for master bedrooms. Master bedrooms are usually made with more space as opposed to the remaining rooms in a home. With more space, you don’t have to be afraid that a wide chest of drawers will stick out awkwardly or take up too much space.

Special Features

Some chests are made with extra features that you will find to be very helpful in your home! You will notice that a select array of chests are made with castors as opposed to the traditional legs, which can make it easier for you to move around if you clean very frequently. Other chests are made with glass on the top or on the faces of the drawers not only for a look but to prevent scratching and staining. These options are optimal when there are kids and pets present.


It would be a clever idea to analyze the colors and style of the other furniture you have residing in your room when looking for a chest. You might also be interested in finding a chest with a completely different look to create a specific statement, which can definitely work! It is usually the more simplistic and minimalist style of chests that can be matched up with other pieces of furniture, as they are easier and more traditional.


Wood and mirror are the two dominating types of material for chests. If you’re looking for a wooden chest of drawers, you also have the choice of laminate and solid wood. Solid wood is a bit pricier, but will last you longer and is less susceptible to damage. In a smaller room, mirrored drawers are a great choice as they reflect what is around them and give off the impression that they don’t take up much space. A high gloss set of drawers is also a potential choice when you want to make wiping surfaces a trouble-free duty.

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