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Decorating Trends for Spring 2019

cute decorAs furniture sellers, we are, of course, passionate about interior design and making our homes—no matter where we live—as beautiful and unique as we all are as individuals. From adding art and personal touches to purchasing the best furniture for the space and painting the walls bright colors, these are some of the hottest decorating trends projected for spring 2019 and beyond, brought to you by National Furniture Liquidators Clearance Center.

Trend #1: Bright Paint and Wallpaper

Color, in general, is in, but also specifically with how you paint and decorate your walls. Bright paint and wallpaper are all the rage nowadays. Some trends include painting your walls bright colors but then setting the room up with neutral furniture and accenting one or two walls only with colorful or floral print wallpaper.

Trend #2: White Furniture With Bright Add-Ons

White furniture, especially bedroom sets, is super popular right now. However, the biggest trend is white furniture that is accented with colorful pillows, comforters, lamps, and other decor. This trend is subtle and bright all at the same time. Luckily, we have a ton of white furniture for you to choose from!

Trend #3: Comfort Over Style

A popular trend a few years ago was sleek, futuristic-looking furniture that looked great but wasn’t really all that comfortable to sit on. Unsurprisingly, this trend has gone out the window. Now, comfort is valued just as much as style. At our clearance center, we have furniture that is both stylish and comfortable!

Trend #4: Mirrors and More

Mirrors are great for transforming a room and making it feel bigger without having to tear down some walls. Mirrors seem to always been in, but they’ve seen a huge resurgence in recent months. At our store, we have wall decor in addition to high-quality furniture.

Trend #5: High Tables and Stools

When it comes to tables and desks, the higher the better. And what goes well with high tables? Why, stools of course. High tables and stools are a stylish way to adorn your dining room.

Trend #6: Purchasing Furniture at Affordable Prices

No one wants to overspend on furniture and decor. At National Furniture Liquidators Clearance Center, we carry high-quality and affordable furniture and decor for you to choose from. Why not make your home a little trendier this spring by visiting our store ASAP? We look forward to helping you decorate your home!

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