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Tag: bedroom furniture

Fun Facts About Your Bedroom

August 3, 2019

Our bedroom and bathroom are sacred spaces in your home. It’s where you can be yourself, and strip the metaphorical mask we all wear in public. Our bedroom is also where we watch T.V, play games, listen to music, and get much-needed rest at the end of the day. Well, in our bedroom research, we Read More

What Your Bedroom Furniture Says About Your Personality

May 23, 2019

Just like everything else we buy/style and put on display—our clothes, our work, our hair, our vehicles—our bedroom furniture says a lot about our personalities, our interests, and our desires from the world. You read that right; our bedroom furniture says a lot more about who we are than we might imagine. In fact, all Read More

Furniture and Your Mood: How Your Furniture Affects Your Mood

February 27, 2019

When you walk into your living room, what do you feel? Does your mood shift from sad to happy or it is the opposite? You may not realize it but your furniture could be what’s causing you to feel happy or sad. Considering we spend a lot of time in our homes, we should aim Read More

When Your Bedroom Doubles As an Office — How to Maximize Your Space

January 31, 2019

Having a fully dedicated office space is ideal but sometimes our homes and life simply can’t afford it. Maybe you’re living in a three bedroom and you never anticipated that your brother would move in with you. Or your perhaps your one bedroom apartment was perfect until you landed in the shoes of a freelancer. Read More

Styling Your Bedroom for Optimal Sleep

June 22, 2018

According to Consumer Reports, about 164 million have struggled with sleep once a week.  All too often, people desperate for sleep turn to medication, sleep aids, and even expensive gadgets. In 2015, Americans spent about 41 million dollars on sleep aids. Consumer Report predict that this will grow to 52 billion by 2020.  If you Read More

Cheap Bedroom Furniture: Breathe New Life Into Your Room

October 25, 2017

There’s nothing quite like going home after a long day and falling face first onto your bed to finally relax and breathe a sigh of relief. If you’d like for your bedroom to be more comfortable and organized but you’ve been holding off on updating your furniture, you need to consider affordable bedroom furniture! At Read More