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Tips for Decorating

modern living room with accent wallsWith spring in the air and tax refunds arriving there is no better time to spruce up the home with a nice change in decor. Whether you want an overhaul complete with new discount furniture or a few simple changes we have some tips that are sure to help you achieve the style you are going for. We even have tips for those that are sticking to a strict budget! When it comes to providing quality at great prices in El Paso, nobody beats Shorty!

Accent Colors

One of the best design decisions you can make is to use accent colors. Instead of painting your four walls your favorite color, place pops of color throughout the room. This can include a bright colored rug that matches with accent pillows. You may want to find an accent couch that accentuates the rest of the room well in a bright color. Purchasing discount furniture in neutral colors and then using small accents of bright color is a great way to bring big style to your living room. Some people cannot live without brightly colored walls. If you absolutely need deep red or teal on the walls, consider using an accent wall. When it comes to the bedroom be sure to use calming cool toned colors that bring a sense of peacefulness for great sleep.

Accessorize With Small Pieces

If you have already found the furniture that is best for your house but still feel like something is missing, try accessorizing your home with smaller pieces. This can include wall hangings, paintings, lamps, end tables, vases, and more. You can also use these small items to accent the room with bright colors.

Purchase Discount Furniture

If you are trying to achieve design goals but are working with a strict budget, discount furniture is a great way to go. Instead of skimping on quality and purchasing cheaply made couches or bedroom set, be sure to check out National Furniture Liquidators Outlet Store. You can bank on huge discounts for quality items. At our showroom we have overstock items, one-of-a-kind pieces, discontinued discount furniture, scratch and dent items, and more! This is a great way to find unique pieces of furniture at a much better price than you might find other places.

Be sure to visit National Furniture Liquidators Outlet Store in El Paso. You will be sure to find great value for adding umph to the decor in your home. Our friendly sales team can also help you find exactly what you are looking for. Be sure to contact us today for more info.

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