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Trendy Tips for Furnishing Your Home

living room furnished in the latest trendsIf you’re like us, you enjoy going to furniture stores just because. There’s a comforting feeling in the idea of possibility; the possibility of starting over (even just in terms of decoration), the possibility of change, the possibility of owning your dream home–and furnishing it just the way you like it. Whether you’re currently living in your forever home, in a tiny, cramped apartment as you make your way through school, or still in your parents’ basement, these trendy furnishing tips can help make any living situation fabulous.

Tip #1: Color

Color, color, color. This is really where you can personalize your setup. Whether you want to go for a specific color scheme for each room, mix and match colors and patterns, or just figure it out as you go along, we’ve got what you are looking for. At our furniture store, we offer affordable couches, bedroom sets, and dining room furniture that can make any home look great. We offer furniture that comes in a variety of woods, fabrics, colors, and designs, so whatever look you’re trying to achieve, we’ve got you covered.

According to fashion trends, bright green, faux leather, and butterfly patterns are all huge 2017 home decor trends.

Tip #2: The Return of the Ottoman

If you’re furnishing a living room, an ottoman is a fashionable must. That’s right, ottomans are back. At National Furniture Liquidators Outlet Store, we have a variety of affordable ottomans for you to choose from. You have options when it comes to color, patterns, materials, and design. So whether you want a round faux leather one or a square floral print one, you can!

Tip #3: Bedding

They’ve always been a hot home decor trend, but throw pillows and fancy bedding are more in now than they have ever been. And everyone’s favorite trend? Mix and matching patterns. From solid pillows with patterned comforters to colorful blankets and more!

Tip #4: Contemporary Furniture

With contemporary furniture looking the way it does now, everyone’s home looks like David Bowie’s did before he passed; sleek, odd, and questionably–but surprisingly–comfortable. Contemporary furniture, while a bit odd looking, goes a long way in style and has definitely defined a new course for the way furniture will look in the future. At our furniture store, we have a wide variety of contemporary, modern, and just about every other style of furniture you can think of.

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