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What Your Bedroom Furniture Says About Your Personality

Just like everything else we buy/style and put on display—our clothes, our work, our hair, our vehicles—our bedroom furniture says a lot about our personalities, our interests, and our desires from the world. You read that right; our bedroom furniture says a lot more about who we are than we might imagine. In fact, all of the furniture we buy gives the world clues into who we are as people, but none more than our bedroom furniture, since that is our sacred spot in our homes. This is what your bedroom furniture says about you!

Your Bed Size

Your bed size can actually indicate a lot about your personality. Do you roll around and make a mess in your sleep? Do you need to stretch out? Do you have wicked dreams that keep you up at night? The bed size you choose to accommodate what makes you you, can say a lot about your personality, probably a lot more than you realized when buying your bed in the first place.

And then, of course, the way we decorate and dress our bed will give away a lot about who we are—our favorite colors, whether or not we like frills, that kind of thing.

To Dresser or Not to Dresser

Dressers, of course, make storing clothes much easier, but not everyone opts to get one. Some people like to store everything from their pajamas to their jeans in containers, in their closets, or in alternatives to dressers. Others simply just pile them on the floor. Whether you choose to have a dresser or not says a lot about who you are and how organized you want to be.  

Desk or No Desk

Some people put desks in their bedrooms. Typically, these people do a lot of work at home, actually work from home, or need space to be their usual creative selves. But not everyone is like this. Other people would rather spend time outside, leave work at work, or just don’t engage in things like writing or drawing that require a desk, and that’s okay too. But having a desk and not having a desk in your bedroom says all this and more.

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