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When Your Bedroom Doubles As an Office — How to Maximize Your Space

Having a fully dedicated office space is ideal but sometimes our homes and life simply can’t afford it. Maybe you’re living in a three bedroom and you never anticipated that your brother would move in with you. Or your perhaps your one bedroom apartment was perfect until you landed in the shoes of a freelancer.

No matter the case, when your bedroom doubles as an office it can easily feel like your space just grew a couple of feet smaller. What to do? With a couple of easy changes, you can transform your bedroom/office into the double functioning space of your dreams.

Your Work Space: Build Up

home desk

There’s a reason big cities are full of skylines and twenty plus story apartments. When you’re lacking space on the ground, building up is the way to go. There’s a couple of ways that this can be achieved.

If you’ve ever seen pictures of dorms or maybe you once lived in one, you may have noticed that they often incorporate desks with lots of shelf space. This is strategically done so that there’s more room for personal belongings and everything you need to work with will be in close proximity. Whether you work from home or use your desk to organize your life, you can easily store supplies, paperwork, and stationary.

One word of advice from professionals who work from home: don’t make your bed your office. There may be an urge to bust out your laptop and start working while you’re still in your PJs (we’re all guilty of doing this). However, creating a separation between work and rest is key for unplugging. Your body and mind need to rest so give yourself space and time to do so.     

When It’s Time to Recharge: Make It Comfy


Your bed should feel like a sacred space. A place where you feel most comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. In addition to having a good mattress, you should consider investing in bedding that gives you joy. This could mean using extra plush pillows or a super soft blanket.

To maximize your bed space, you should look for a bed that has drawers underneath and a headboard that gives way for additional storage such as a headboard with bookshelves. Keep all of your personal items in this space. Do your best to avoid storing work items here.

Bringing the Two Together

bedroom furniture

Essentially your bedroom and office will coexist so you want furniture and items that can serve more than one purpose. For example a lamp. Find a standing floor lamp that gives you additional light for when you’re working and for when you’re cuddled up on the bed with a book. You also want to decorate your room in a way that’s both personal and feels professional. Keeping it minimal is often the key. Invest in a piece of art that you love and place it in a primary spot, where you can see it from your bed and desk.

Maximize Your Space With National Furniture Liquidators Outlet Store

Now that you have a couple of ideas surfacing, it’s time to make it happen! You can find beds, desk, and other bedroom and office furniture at unbeatable prices right here at National Furniture Liquidators Outlet Store. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll guide you in the right direction.    

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