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Buying Furniture: Millennial Edition

A young millennial couple smiles as they place furniture in their new house or apartment

It’s no secret that millennials have unique challenges that other generations haven’t had to deal with before. The student debt crisis, challenging housing market, and rise in health issues are just a few problems that millennials are tasked with tackling head on. Student debt is especially challenging, because students are leaving college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and few high-paying jobs to offset that debt. Millennials, as a result, are often strapped for cash, and aren’t able to afford everything they want or need. Here at National Furniture Liquidators Outlet Store, we understand this struggle, and wanted to offer a few tips for millennials looking to furnish their homes on a budget.

Look For Clearance Whenever You Can

So you’ve got a new apartment or house, and it’s so bare that the echo is deafening. If you’re on a budget, come down to our Clearance Center, which offers quality furniture up to 70 percent down from it’s retail price. This frees up money for other expenses, while still filling your room with great looking furniture. Don’t overpay for your furniture, come visit our Clearance Center to see what kind of deals we can offer you.

Before You Buy, Measure

Before you buy that super awesome sectional you’ve been eyeing, make sure you know how much space you actually have in your home. Often, customers will buy furniture with no consideration for how it will actually fits in their home, and then be forced to return it when there’s no space available. Millennials especially have little time, so don’t waste it having to return any furniture you find.

Maintain: Playing the Long Game

Just like measuring can save you time and money, regular maintenance can save you a few headaches as well. In this fast-moving world, we often neglect the items that stay pretty dormant. Appliances, furniture, and even plants can become an afterthought, but neglecting maintenance can spell big trouble down the line. Furniture, especially wood and leather, need to be wiped down and waxed periodically to protect from the air and wear-and-tear of everyday life. A few minutes of care can add years to your furniture, and keep tons of money in your wallet.

In-Person Purchases Are Still King

We’ve all ordered food, gifts, or even groceries online. It’s efficient, and can free up time that you can use on what matters. But one thing that should still be in person is furniture shopping, because you need to see and feel your furniture before you make that commitment. In-person shopping lets you accurately measure your furniture, as well as feel the materials to see if they fit your vision for your home.

Affordable Furniture at National Furniture Liquidators Outlet Store

If you’re a millennial on a budget, or just not looking to overpay for quality furniture, call or visit us today!

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