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Ideas for Revamping Your Office With Affordable Furniture

office furniture

Whether you work from home or you use this space for personal hobbies, designing your home office to be functional is a matter of investing in the right furniture, then arranging it the right way.

We’ve mapped out some key tips to keep in mind as you rearrange your home office furniture:   

Secure the Entryway

One of the first areas to target is the entryway. You want this area to be clear of heavy objects, which means no desk or bookshelf should be near your entry. Not only will this make your office safe but it can also make the entire room feel larger. When you first walk into the room, what do you see? Our eyes are naturally drawn to the larger objects. By placing the largest piece of furniture on the opposite side of the room, it will create the illusion of having more space.  

Make it ‘Kid-Friendly’

Does your office double as a play area for your kids? Or perhaps you want your kids nearby while you work. Making your office as “kid-friendly” as possible involves leaving space to roam while also securing any sharp edges or electrical outlets. Arrange the desk facing forward so you can work with a full view of your children in front of you. If you have filing cabinets and bookcases, arrange them in a space that is easy for you to access but not easy for your child to reach. 

It’s All About Balance

You want your home office to be a space where you can accomplish as much work as possible. Distractions like phone calls and your child vying for your attention are inevitable so you certainly don’t want to add any more noise than necessary. Keeping your office light and balance will give you the visual peace of mind you need. Consider arranging the furniture in a way that creates balance in the room. For example, since the desk will likely be the largest piece of furniture in the room, let that be the focal point. Place the other furniture in other areas of the room such as the corners or the opposite side of the room. This way, the office will look spacious. 

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