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Styling Your Bedroom for Optimal Sleep

Woman stretching in bed after wake up, back viewAccording to Consumer Reports, about 164 million have struggled with sleep once a week.  All too often, people desperate for sleep turn to medication, sleep aids, and even expensive gadgets. In 2015, Americans spent about 41 million dollars on sleep aids. Consumer Report predict that this will grow to 52 billion by 2020.  If you are looking for household solutions to gaining a better night’s sleep, there is no need to turn to drugs. Finding the right decor and affordable bedroom furniture can actually be a big help.

Finding Affordable Bedroom Furniture

Too many people don’t realize that their bedroom is getting in the way of their sleep. Getting into a relaxed mode is the important first step to good sleep. If your surroundings or not aesthetically pleasing, consider replacing them with affordable bedroom furniture. Replacing your bed frame can go a long way. Getting rid of clutter, finding a good dresser to place all of your clothes, and adequate night sounds can be the first step to good sleep.

The Bedroom Mood

If your room is cluttered with your belongings, painted bright colors, or simply not comfortable, you may not ever get a good night’s sleep. Taking care of the decor in your room can be more important than you realize. Studies have shown that soft muted colors help build a restful atmosphere. Consider toning down the lighting in your room as well. Turning down the lights 15 to 20 minutes before bed can get your body and mind ready to relax.

A Suitable Mattress

If you wake up with back pain, get a good night’s rest everywhere but home, or have a mattress older than 10 years, it might be time to consider a new mattress. Visiting your local furniture store and replacing your old mattress can also be a great way to improve sleep. Knowing whether you need a stiff or soft mattress can be a big help as well. While many may think that mattresses are too expensive, it isn’t hard to find affordable options.

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