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The Living Room: Its Origins and How it Became What it is Today 

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home

A home is nothing without this one basic feature: the living room. This room is significant for bringing families together and providing a space where everyone is welcome. With that being said, it is the living room’s responsibility for bringing about a social and relaxing atmosphere. Although, it took plenty of time for the modern living room to evolve into what it has become today. So how exactly did the niche of the modern living room come about, you might ask? We travel 100 some years in time to learn more.

A Formal Room 

In the past couple of centuries, what we now consider the living room was used as a formal room, where people of status (in most cases) would gather for special events and to interchange ideas to maintain wealth throughout generations to come. In these rooms, owners of the home and the guests would dress in their best garments and they would usually come in couples. It was not common to find children or little ones when these people would gather in these formal settings. These rooms were typically crafted with fireplaces and large windows and were adorned with fine linens and textiles. It was the responsibility of the owners to make this room as grandiose as possible.

The “Drawing” Room 

Because people would gather so often in these formal rooms, they soon became known as “drawing” rooms, where guests could be entertained and talk at their own leisure. The term “drawing room” originates from the 16th century and the main difference between a drawing room and a formal living area was that the owner of the home or the spouse could escape to this area to reach a quieter and more intimate space. It was also an optimal space to use when only one or two guests would come over and reside in a relaxed and comfortable area, where they could interchange conversation at ease. Entertaining visitors would be best done in the drawing room.

The Death Room

Here’s where the history of the living room becomes a bit somber. After World War I, the influenza epidemic broke out, causing many people to fall ill. In fact, more people died from the epidemic than from the war itself. It was rather common for people to heal and revive their health in the comfort of their own homes, but during these times, this is where people would have to fight their sickness, and in plenty of cases, this room is where they would be allowed to spend their last moments of life. It provided those who had fallen ill with comfort in their last days. As this became the room to attend to those who fell ill, guests were no longer being entertained in this area of the home.

The Early Beginnings of the Living Room

Moving past the unfortunate time where the “Death Room” was in full effect, here is where we begin to see the natural evolution of the living room. Families and homeowners knew that they would have to take an inevitable turn back to a normal life after the epidemic cleared up. They decided to “liven” up these spaces, hence the term “living room”. Together, leisure and luxury began to make up living spaces, where people could display their finest personal items and enjoy the presence of their guests. This is when people accepted that a living room does not have to have a serious or specific purpose. Rather it became a space for complete comfort.

Modern Day Living Spaces 

At last, we take a step back to look at the living spaces we so enjoy to this very day. Whether it’s Super Bowl Sunday, movie night, or a family day altogether, the living room is fit for many events and serves several functions. The living room has become a space where guests can make themselves feel at home, sometimes it serves as an escape for families, helping them spend some time outside of their personal rooms. Even more, living rooms gain plenty of recognition during the holiday season. It curates a space where people can celebrate together. Even more, living rooms have become bigger and bigger as residential architecture advances! The future for the living room is definitely bright.

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