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Interior Design Home Trends For 2021

Interior design trend bedroom for 2021

The end of 2020 is quickly approaching and along with a new year comes new trends. Some trends stick around for a while. Some tend to fade rather sooner. With the upcoming year, predicted trends feel rather unique. In other words, we’ll be witnessing a combination of interior design styles and trends. From sustainability to elegance, expect 2021 to see it all. The professionals at National Furniture Liquidators Outlet Store know all about home design and decor, so we’re here to provide you with the latest in the interior design industry. We take a look.

Rustic Vogue

This style of interior design intends on approaching cottage-like homes with a more sophisticated look. This provides more modern-based homeowners with an opportunity to bring comfort and character into their living spaces while keeping it simple. This style tends to work best in homes that already have unique features such as exposed roof beams or wood floorboards. This style can also work best with homes under renovation, bringing new and old pieces to work together.

Grand Millenial Grandeur

If you have that one family member around their mid-forties or fifties that decorated their home lavishly, think of this when looking at grandmillennial grandeur. The grandeur of 2021 aims to reintroduce the atmosphere of “grandma’s” house with a chic turn. In simpler terms, it encompasses around, bringing comfort and glamour together. Florals, minimalistic art, and pleated shades are only some of the many accents we’re expected to see with this trend.

Potted Plants

People have been cornering their homes with plants for a couple of years now. Having plants in your home definitely proves you’ve been keeping up with the times. Keeping your plants indoors makes the entire house feel more natural and open to brightening the mood, which is optimal if you usually have guests over. This is a trend we can expect to see even beyond 2021.

Natural Light In Interior Design

More and more, people are replacing lamps and center lights with the most natural source of light there is – sunlight. By widening window space or installing shutters, it provides homeowners with more time and space for the natural light to flow in and maximize peacefulness and comfort. We’re not saying you have to do away with window treatments completely. Simply just minimize them! Opt for more opaque-based curtains and linens to let the sun bring some Zen.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Families have become accustomed to working, living, and resting all in one space due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. As you’re expected to take care of our work and school responsibilities at home, families are optimizing their rooms and living areas to be used for several functions. For example, dining rooms and storage spaces have become temporary offices. Families expect to decorate their rooms so that they can serve more than one purpose.

Fewer Accents

As we previously mentioned, families have found the need to make more space in their homes for their work and school responsibilities. Homeowners are investing less in home accents and decorations and are deciding to keep their living spaces minimalist. This movement aims to help home offices focus on uncluttered, free spaces. Furniture pieces that provide some storage and are clean-lined are on the rise for 2021.

Interior Design Earth Tones

A return to nature and earthy inspiration is expected to make a grand appearance in the new year. People are aiming to be more economical and in touch with their natural surroundings. Because of this desire to honor Mother Nature, homeowners will make their living spaces reflect the earth with the help of color schemes, plush bedding, extra linens, and contrasting tones in furniture pieces. Some popular colors will include wine reds, golden yellows, and forest greens.

DIY Arts and Crafts

Small businesses have taken a big hit in 2020 due to the pandemic. Through social media and the internet, people advertise small businesses so that more customers can inquire about their services and products. Many of these small businesses include creative and artistic entrepreneurs. With that being said, 2021 is bound to see arts and crafts created by small business owners in the homes of families all across the nation.

Our Professionals In Interior Design

There is a multitude of ways that 2021 is going to bring about change. Our professionals want to help you make the change you want to see in your home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transition into the new year with new furniture.

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